Two years on the road..

September 2017 we began a new chapter in our live. We sold our house and left Denmark, to live a life on the road.

Two years and a lot of experiences later, we have now decided to return to Denmark 🙂

Not because we didn’t like it, but because we feel it would be best for our family. We simply miss going to the library, meeting with friends and having our own place and garden too much :-).

So, as of the 1. of june we are moving into our new house with solar panels and a huge garden in the middle of Jutland/Denmark, close to our best friends (who also happen to be vegans and homeschoolers ;-)..)

We have a lot of plans, including living a modern sustainable life, growing our own organic crops, creating ceramics, art, minimalism and opening an online vegan shop.. things we will be talking about on our social media profiles (so if you aren’t following us yet – now is a good time to subscribe!)

Where we went during the two years:

Europe: Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Austria, France, Gibraltar, Sweden, Norway and Finland 🙂

South East Asia: Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Vietnam

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