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A Vegan family travelling full time!

After living 8 years in the same house, it was time for a change!

Instead of moving into a bigger house, we sold everything we owned, and with only 5.000 $ on our bank account, began our new life as a full time travelling digital nomad vegan family :-).

Why full time travelers?

Because we love freedom. Freedom means nothing if you don’t practice it. We want to live special lives, go special places and create special memories.

All while being together. A family united in quest for those special moments, which will later turn into those special memories that last a lifetime.

The simple life

We are not millionaires. Have never been and will never be. We do our best to travel cheap, find cheap accommodation, cook our own (vegan) food, and only to buy the things we truly need.

As long as we have an internet connection, Daddy will be able to work, managing our online store – playing the part as director, costumer support, accountant and marketeer.

No end date..

People often ask us about how long we plan to travel? We honestly don’t know. We have made an itinerary, which we might follow to the end, or we might go home tomorrow. As long as we all like this lifestyle, we will continue 🙂

And in case you wonder how we currently feel about it?


We love the time we get to spend together, we love the adventure and we love sharing the moments that turn in to life long memories :-).

If you want to read more about why we sold our house and said goodbye to our old lives, how we worldschool our children, how we earn a living as digital nomads or why we are vegans, just follow the links :-).

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