1. Ana
    21/11/2017 @ 12:38 AM

    hi! I just found your Facebook page and I am looking forward finding about your adventure. I would love to do something like that with my two children but unfortunately I don’t think his father( ex) will allow us . For me it is such a natural way to show our children the real life that makes me sad not graying to provide it to them. Alternatively I am looking g to ( if I obtain permission) set up a vegan retreat so at least we will try to life surrounds by nature. Also interested on setting something online that could provide a small income to keep us going…


    • The Nomad Family
      21/11/2017 @ 6:56 AM

      Hi Ana
      Thank you for leaving a comment! It is great to know that some people actually read what we write 🙂
      We have met quite a few others with similar family situations like the one you are facing.
      I think what is important, is to find something that is possible, and then go for it. It sounds like you have already found a meaningful goal. Creating and running a vegan retreat sounds totally wonderful, and we would be happy to visit your if you end up turning your plans into reality :-). Veganism is just so more than food. People still don’t get it, but I feel the movement… it is coming 🙂


  2. Dina
    22/12/2017 @ 1:47 PM

    Hello from Des Moines, Iowa USA. Your blog was suggested to me by FB because I follow many worldschoolers/RV schoolers etc. I’ve just joined but am really enjoying your blog. We are homeschoolers and frequent travelers. This summer we will be buying a pop up camper and hitting the road for a few wks at a time. We’re in the US but my husband is from Ireland so we end up in Europe quite a bit. I’m a freelance writer but am very interested in your online biz. I hope to move into a role of doing both this year. Just praying my idea takes off! Can I ask how you landed on the pizza steel? Did you deign it or did you buy the rights to distribute it? Enjoy your travels and much luck!


    • The Friendly Vegans
      22/12/2017 @ 2:25 PM

      Hi Dina

      Well, I knew about a product in the US called “The Baking Steel”, but it was too expensive to import it to Denmark and distribute it to customers here. So I created a similar product called “Bagestålet” (Danish for “The Baking Steel”). After a year I decided to open an online store in the UK as well, since noone sold a similar pruduct there, and since “Bagestålet” was a bit hard to pronounce for non danish speakers, and “The Baking Steel” was taken by the US company, I decided on the next best thing, and bought all European “pizzasteel” domains + later the .com domain when it went up for sale. Denmark is still our largest market, but I am pretty sure that the companies growth will come from our .com store and sub country stores in the future.
      It could have been any other product, but I just couldn’t come up with a better idea at the time. I knew the product worked, since I had been baking on a crude iron plate for over a year, and knew there was a market. There were 4 other guys selling a similar product in Denmark, but they all had issues with marketing their product. It isn’t easy selling a product noone knows exists :-). So I focused on learning as much as possible about online marketing and that strategy turned out working well, since I fast became market leader. Now we have restructured the company to a limited company, owned by a holding company which I own. I am the only one employed by the company and enjoy being a big fish in a very small pond :-). Our profit margin isn’t that big, so selling in physical shops is out of the question, but that isn’t as bad as it sounds, since it keeps other companies from entering our market. I hope to discover other products during our trip, because starting another business will be pretty easy now that I have probably made all the possible mistakes with the first company :-). Just find a young market where you can be the leader, evolve the market and your company will evolve as well. Use logistic partners to manage the day to day packing and shipping of your product. Good luck with your dream!


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